Discover what we are all about… 
1.  COME
The Mission Church is a place for people to meet and learn about Jesus. In Jesus, there is forgiveness, grace, mercy, and abounding life. Attending our Sunday services will help you begin or deepen your relationship with Jesus.
We value relationships. Not only is getting connected with others a lot of fun, it’s also super important to our personal and spiritual well-being. Our Mission Groups are gathering points to meet, eat, grow, and have fun doing life together. We have groups for all ages and stages of life. You will have a blast and you will grow. 
Contrary to popular opinion, great joy is found in serving others. Jesus calls each of us to serve and He gifts us individually for that very purpose! Serving gives us an opportunity to discover our gifts and the fulfillment that comes from using them for God’s glory. There are numerous opportunities for you to grow in your gifts through our Mission Group and in the community.
You have been commissioned on a mission! Seriously. Jesus commissions all believers to spread His love and His message with those around us. Each one of us has a mission field of our own and life gets exciting when we begin living out our mission for Jesus. We help and equip people to live out their mission.