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Become a Member

Want to know how you can become an effective member of The Mission Church?
Here’s how you can connect, get plugged in, and start living your life “on mission.”
 Welcome to The Mission Church family!
#1   Attend Church
Attending The Mission Church provides you an opportunity to begin or deepen your relationship with Jesus as Lord. Worship, prayer, fellowship and solid Bible teaching are crucial to your spiritual health and growth.  Worshipping God collectively together is a Biblical command that knits us together as a strong church family.
#2   Join a Group
Find a Mission Group that meets in your area, and get plugged in!  This is simply the best way to build relationships with other people in the church. Everyone needs friends, support, and encouragement. Mission Groups are a safe place to learn, grow, ask questions and help one another – all while having fun doing life together. Don’t be a lone ranger any longer. Check out and try out a Mission Group, you will be so glad that you did.  
#3   Serve Others
It’s a strange paradox, but life really gets exciting when we begin to serve others.  Why? Because as we pour into the lives of others, God pours into us!  Secondly, serving provides an opportunity to discover your gifts and the fulfillment that comes from using them to bless others. Ready to serve? We’re here to help! Contact us about ways to serve, both here at The Mission Church and in our community at large. Don’t miss out on the blessing of serving Jesus by serving others.  
#4   Share Your Story
You have been commissioned to a mission! Sharing the life transforming message of Jesus isn’t just a job for pastors. Jesus commissions all believers to spread His Word. Every day each of us has a mission field of our own and we are responsible for sharing our story of Jesus’ forgiveness with those around us. You have a great story to tell and everyone needs to know about it. We will equip you and help you learn how to effectively share the good news about Jesus with others.

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