Our Philosophy of Ministry:
We care about people.
We value relationships.
We worship Jesus.
Our philosophy of ministry comes from Jesus and it is very simple:  We love Jesus and we love people. Jesus commanded us to love Him, obey Him, and then to go tell the whole world about Him.  This is our mission.  
We place a high value on Bible teaching, because God’s will is revealed in God’s Word. We place a high value on the grace, mercy and forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ because we all sin. We place a high value on the Lordship of Jesus Christ because He is worthy and this is our highest end. We value the divine calling on every believer to live to the honor, glory, and revelation of Jesus. We value helping each other live to that end.
Meaningful life is found in the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Come and experience the life and love of Jesus among us. 


The Mission Church Carlsbad

825 Carlsbad Village Drive

Carlsbad CA 92008