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Doing Life Together

Mission Groups are small group Bible studies that meet all throughout our North County community each week in a group member’s home.   We encourage everyone to get plugged into a group. Please see the Mission Group Directory to find a group that meets close to you, or meets on a day that is most convenient for you to attend.  Below are some answers to some common questions you might have.
Why join a mission group?
Mission Groups give us the opportunity to do life together. God never intended the Christian walk to be a lonely one.  In fact, we are called to have great fellowship and friendships with one another.  In Christ, we are a new family, and have the privilege of getting to share in each other’s lives. We get to partake in the rejoicing when another experiences great triumph, and we get to help carry the burden of another’s sorrow when life gets tough. This is Jesus’ heart and will for us, that our love for Him would be shown in how we love each other.  
What if I don’t know anything about the Bible? 
Then a Mission Group is the perfect place for you to be!  In fact, Mission Groups were made with you in mind.  There will be plenty of people in your group who will be ready to love you, encourage you, and help you with any questions you may have.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never set foot in a church before, or if you’ve been going for all of your life. Mission Groups are for everyone.  
Isn’t attending church on Sunday enough?
Attending church on Sunday to worship the Lord and receive sound Biblical teaching is of the utmost importance.  Mission groups are not a replacement for that.  But Mission Groups, in addition to  attending church on Sunday, are a springboard for great spiritual growth.   By being connected with other believers in a real life setting, it enables you to apply to your life what you are learning from His Word. Each Mission Group will also have the opportunity to reach out to different areas of our community with the love of Jesus by choosing a specific mission for their group. These missions range from loving those in our nearby nursing homes, to serving in orphanages in Mexico.  Bringing the gospel to our community in this way takes our faith that is grown on Sundays and puts it into action the rest of the days of the week.  
What will we do?
We’ll eat, hang out together, pray for one another, and spend time in discussion rooted in God’s Word.  These discussions are led by the Mission Group leader and will be based upon the past Sunday’s sermon.  This is the time to unravel our thoughts surrounding the sermon and bring clarity to any questions or application we have through the lens of His Word.

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