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Sermon Series by Pastor David Menard

Genesis Bible Study, God, Creation, Evolution, Evolve, Big-Bang Theory
Easter Sermon Series 2022
Evolution or Creation? Genesis 1, Did God create the universe? Big Bang Theory
Russia in the Last Days, Ukraine, Ezekiel 38-39, Putin
God's Design for Sex, Healthy sexual relationship, sexy, pornography, porn addiction,
Men's Ministry, Men's Group, Porn addiction, Jesus, Leadership
How to get out of a rut in life
Church in Carlsbad, Christian, Awaken
The Five Solas. What's So Great About Christianty?
Joseph's life was full of adversity. Yet he rose above it and grew in wisdom and favor with both God and man. Jospeh's life is prophetic a foreshadow of Jesus
A Man's Role in Marriage, Marriage Counseling, Leadership
The Mission Ghurch Encinitas Generous
Wisdom in The Wilderness
The Ten Commandments
2014-2015 Exodus
2015 April Better Together
2014 March Habakkuk - Faith Durring Troubled Times
2014 May - Loving Difficult People
2014 January - Godly Training For Successful Living
2012-2013 1Corinthians
2011-2012 John
Guest Speakers at The Mission Church Carlsbad
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